Waste at MIT

Today I tagged along with Investigating Winsor’s Waste to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We primarily learned about waste audits, though we also were informed about student environmental clubs on campus.

There are several undergraduate and graduate organizations at MIT that support the reduction of waste. They are run by very dedicated people, who told us all about their efforts to make MIT greener. For example, they hold what they call a Choose to Reuse drive every month. A Choose to Reuse drive is where you can donate lightly used clothes to the school, or come and take clothes that others have donated. It has turned out to be a huge success. The students have also run other events, such as a Trashion show, where people design and create clothes out of recyclables, trash, or compostable items. Trashion shows at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology occur every December.

We were also taught about waste audits. Waste audits are a very effective way of measuring how many items that could be recycled or composted end up in the trash in a specific place. Students at MIT have performed two audits in recent years, and have found them to be very helpful. It has helped them to figure out who they needed to talk to about ways to fix their trash issues, and what to focus on specifically.

The ideas that the students at MIT have come up with are novel, and the people involved in Investigating Winsor’s Trash are hoping to be inspired by their ideas and do things similar to what they are doing.