Wrapping Up Global Forum

This week, I have been able to document girls all over the school and I have been able to learn so many new things. I decided that in honor of Global Forum 2017, I would make a longer post summarizing all that we have accomplished this week.


This week started with a presentation from a guest speaker from National Geographic. His name is Mike Hetwer and he told us about how our trash is affecting the rest of the world.

After the presentation, we got to work! I started out by planning some interviews. My first interview was with a girl named Melissa. She is in Class III and is in the group “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: (III & UP)The Real Reason Dory Can’t Find Her Way Home.”


On Tuesday, lots of groups went on field trips, one documentation member coming along. The group I was chosen to go with was “D + E²: Design & Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship in Boston,” and we went to The Clover Food Lab. We learned about how Clover composts almost all of their waste and about how they are able to manage the company.


On Wednesday, I got to interview both Veronica and Ava, which was super fun.


On Thursday, I got to document a guest speaker come in and teach some of the girls how to crochet plastic bags. They started by tying the bags together and then making into a yarn-like material. They then spun the plastic to make the strand tighter. After that, they were ready to crochet.


And that was my week! I have learned so much about trash and how we can try to fix the problem that it is creating. I think that this week had inspired me and many other girls to be more conscious of what we are throwing away on a daily basis. I don’t think that I will ever be able to completely stop throwing some things away, but I think that Winsor Trash Week had really helped me realize that I can change the world.