The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Today I got to spend some time with the girls of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Can We Create Something to Help Dory Find Her Way Home. Their job is to not only think about the issue of the Garbage Patch, but to design and prototype a machine that could potentially clean it up. I got to speak with girls of all ages who are taking this challenge head on. With access to any material they could imagine, and any power tool they want, their creativity was clearly running wild. I was impressed with the level of though that went into each and every piece of their machines. img_0213

This is Sam, Class IV, and she created a model of a machine that would use currents to force trash into a certain area. She designed a tube to suck up the trash, bring it to an airplane, and melt the plastic to use as fuel for the airplane.

Each piece is thought out and serves a very specific purpose. I am excited to see what else she creates this week!

Marley and Maddy, Class III, and Ava and Meredith, Class III and II, show off their designs .