Recycled Creativity

Today a guest speaker came in and taught the girls how to crochet with plastic bags!

The speaker that came is from a company named “Net Works.” They take plastic bags and turn them into basketball nets by making the bags into a yarn-like material, and then crocheting them into the nets. The speaker handed out the book that her company published and then gave the girls a few minutes to look through the books

The girls then got about 15 bags each to make into their yarn. They started by cutting each bag into strips and unfolding the strips to make a loop. They then started to tie the strips together.

After they had a super long piece of the tied bags, they started to roll all of it up into a ball so that they could move to the next step.


After they had a ball of the material, they moved on to the next step, which was to spin the yarn to make it look more professional and more tightly wound.

After they had spun their yarn, they were finally able to crochet their yarn. They first picked out a hook that worked for them and their type of plastic, and then they got to work, crocheting whatever they wanted to.

They finally finished! The final products were gorgeous!