D + E² Visits The Clover Food Lab

Today I tagged alone with the “D + E²: Design & Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship in Boston” group for a trip to the Clover food lab. We walked through the kitchen, learned how they keep things fresh, and we learned about how they manage waste.

We started in the garage, where we learned about how Clover composts and about their food trucks. We learned about how Clover composts or recycles almost all of their waste and how they only use fresh veggies and fruit that was cut that day!

After moving out of the garage, we saw some fresh produce, waiting to be driven out to other Clover locations. We then moved to the the refrigerator, where out guide, Scott, talked about how often they have to restock their vegetables and how quickly people buy them.

We then came into the kitchen, getting to see who is behind the making of the masterpieces. We learned how bread was cooked and how they make sure that all of their food is safe to eat.

We then had a DELICIOUS meal at clover where we got to try any item off the menu!

I attached videos of Scott talking about Clover if you would like a more in depth explanation of what happens in The Clover Food Lab.